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Create your perfect outdoor living space with Pride Landscaping

The Garden becomes an extension of our homes and encourages us to relax, have fun and enjoy the open air.

However, making maximum use of the space requires the knowledge of a few secrets, and we know them all!

We can transform your Garden into the beautiful retreat your are looking for, qualified in Garden Design and offering you a complete service whatever the size and whatever the Brief.

To accomplish this we will work with you to understand your preferred style and your requirements which may include:

Water Features
Outdoor Fireplace
Planting Areas

We offer a free, no obligation quotation and can offer your practical advice after surveying your garden.

An all round great service from start to finish

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Composite Decking ~ Enjoy the great outdoors

Decking designed to make your outdoor area your perfect living space. A dining room, a playroom, a sitting room. More than ever the outdoors is and extension of our living space and with PRIDE Decking it becomes a warm and welcoming place to relax.

Composite Decking

Working with composite lumber is similar to working with wood. However, composite lumber has the added benefit of being less likely to split or delaminate. Composite lumber is also engineered to be lighter weight for easier handling. Composite lumber is also designed to have a longer life than wood lumber.

Composite materials usually cost more than lumber, but their long life and low-maintenance requirements could make them more economical in the long run. Many composites are often made partially out of recycled plastics and waste wood, such as Trex Decking, which makes them an environmentally friendly, efficient use of resources.

Composite Decking has the following features:

  • Resistant to Mould, Mildew or Fungi
  • No Rotting, Splintering or Warping
  • Water & Moisture Resistant
  • Insects Resistant
  • Ultra Low Maintenance

Pergolas & Gazebos ~ A perfect accompaniment to any garden

A pergola is often the ideal solution to complement or complete an outdoor living space combing the best of indoors and outdoors. Pergolas can be a free standing structure, attached to a property or built onto a deck. They can be used to link parts of your garden together or add interesting areas to your garden. A Gazebo can give you more of an enclosed feel providing shelter, perfect for Hot Tub enclosure or even as a summer house.

Either will add as a beautiful feature to your garden.

Pergolas compromise of three parts – support posts, main beams and top beams. The timber specification are dependent on the purpose, size and positioning of the Pergola.

Fencing ~ Security, privacy, your own space

We offer a wide range of domestic fencing, suitable as a decorative border for your garden, a property boundary for keeping animals in and intruders out, a security measure or for privacy from
the neighbours.

We have fencing solutions to fit almost any budget. The chances are, we will be able to help you.

PRIDE Fencing can also supply and fit Gates of any kind, from wrought iron to traditional wooden field gates.

Turfing ~ Perfecting your green space

It is important when laying a new turf that the correct type is laid, which is why we only use Grade A Turf from a local supplier. Turf can be laid all throughout the year with the exception of during snowy weather.

Laying turf in frost or when frost has been forecast is no problem and will not damage the turf. We offer a professional lawn laying service and offer advice on how to keep your new lawn looking as luscious as ever!

You might like the ornamental bark mulch, it could be the perfect option for your borders, around trees and plants. Bark is long lasting and quick option for making your garden look beautiful. Also great for acting as a natural weed suppressant. Please note, the deeper the bark the better the weed control.

Grono Artificial Turf ~ the Low Maintenance Solution

Artificial grass is great for kids and pets and easily handles the rough and tumble of sports and play areas.

• No more mowing
• Little or no maintenance
• No weeds or muddy/bald patches
• Hard wearing (lasts up to 20 years)
• Fade resistant and Flame retardant
• Green all year round
• Great for hay fever sufferers

Ask to see samples – you won’t believe how realistic they are!

Are you ready to have an outdoor space to be proud of?