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Pride North Notts are proud installers of Panoramic Doors, an innovative design that makes luxury more available

What if your door was more than just a door? What if it was a piece of architecture? What if your door gave you the ability to transform your home in many different ways at different times to suit your design needs?

The Panoramic “Slide-n-Stack” folding patio door does what no other patio door can do. Learn for yourself how truly unique and amazing this door system is.

Innovative Design

Panoramic Doors never compromise on quality or customer satisfaction, when they set out to build the most affordable and user friendly folding patio doors. Five years after the inception of the Panoramic Slide-N-Pivot patio door, we have garnered multiple design awards and have amassed thousands of happy customers all across North America.

The Panoramic Folding Patio Door is an affordable alternative to the costly bi-fold, accordion, and glass wall systems that are fast becoming the most influential aspect of modern home and restaurant design. With the introduction of the Panoramic Folding Patio Door, you too can enjoy the luxury of a wide open space at an affordable price!

A style to suit you and your home

Independent Panels

Our independently moving panels mean you have more control of the opening. Depending on the weather and the time of day, you can open or close as many panels as desired. Individual panels also means an easier door to open because weight is no longer an issue no matter how many panels make up the system.

Unlimited Width

No matter how wide a system you need, our Signature Series Aluminum door will meet your needs. With unlimited width options, if you can build the opening, we can build the door.

Panoramic Doors from Pride North Notts

Thoughtfully Designed

Key Features

Independently Moving Panels

It took the willingness to step back and evaluate the core concepts of how a folding door should work to bring about the revolutionary design seen in the Panoramic Folding Patio Door. Rather than have a series of panels connected to each other with hinges, we have designed a door where the panels move independently of each other. More freedom, easier operation and total control of the opening.

Bottom Track Supported

Large doors are heavy. Most folding doors are “top hung” meaning that the weight of door is borne by the header. That’s why most folding door systems require specially engineered headers. The Panoramic Door is different. With the Panoramic Door the weight of the panels is supported by the bottom track. The result? No special headers are needed when installing a Panoramic Door!


While the popularity of wide opening folding doors is growing, the thing that stands between most people and their dream home is the high cost associated with this type of door. Panoramic Doors changes everything. Designed and built with the consumer in mind, the Panoramic Door is the first (and only) truly affordable folding door in the market today.


Aluminium Panoramic Doors - Pride North Notts

Hundreds of colours to choose from

Life is full of colour. Your home is a place where the use of colour is most important; it sets the mood and creates a comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Because we understand your desire for a variety of choices, Panoramic Doors offers hundreds of colours to choose from.

Wood Panoramic Doors - Pride North Notts

All Natural Wood Cladding

Nothing feels or looks as luxurious as real wood. Choose from a variety of paint-grade and stain-grade woods for interior, exterior or both! Available on both our Signature Aluminium doors.

Wood options

Solidor Composite Doors

Pride Doors are proud suppliers of Solidor Composite Doors the UK’s finest range of solid timber-core composite doors, which boast unrivalled levels of security, energy efficiency and beauty.

Hundreds of designs, an unsurpassed range of handles and accessories, unique colours, exclusive high security hardware and beautiful features are just some of the reasons why consumers demand them.

Put simply, Solidor make the very finest composite doors in the market today, packed with features and market firsts that aren’t available on any other door on the market.

Solidor continues to invest in new materials and in a product development programme to ensure they stay ahead of the pack.

They also offer the market’s most comprehensive environmental policy, they’ve called it their ‘Green Promise’.

Whatever your preference, Pride can help transform your front door into a stylish and stunning entrance to your home.

Are you ready to have Doors you can be proud of?